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The Rug Spa

 When you buy a decorative rug for your home or office, you are not only buying a carpet – you are buying a work of Art!

Decorative and Persian carpets are often put in living areas and high traffic areas, but beware of dust and grit that are walked into these carpets daily – they can shorten the life expectancy of your rug considerably. Regular vacuuming and cleaning to remove dust and grit is always a good idea, keeping it clean and hygienically fresh in your home.

Avoid nasty fringe tangles that cause fringes to tear away from your rug! Keep your rug fringes brushed and clean to avoid unnecessary and premature damage to your rug.

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How it Works

With over 40 years of Rug cleaning experience, we have successfully discovered the most effective way of cleaning all types of area rugs:


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Automatic Dust Removal

Removes up to one bucket of dust from a single rug!


Full Submersion with Agitation

Effectively cleaning both sides of the rug and Deep cleans fibers.



Effectively removing all cleaning detergents and soluble dirt.


Spin Dry

Removes 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process.


Controlled Drying Rooms

We make use of Dehumidifiers and Airmovers
for quick efficient drying times

Why Our Customers Choose Us?

International award winning local family with over 40 years experience in the cleaning industry.

We understand the need to have items in our home hygienically clean and fresh. We want our children to grow up in a safe, clean environment – but at the same time we want our children to experience the joys and love a family pet brings into the home.

It is now possible to have both a pet and a clean rug!

Most of the rug cleaning processes available on the market today rely solely on vacuum cleaners and soaps to clean. These cleaning methods take us back to the good all days where anything that required cleaning was ‘steam cleaned’ or ‘foam cleaned’. Fast forward to the 21st century and we now know that whilst water IS the universal insolvent, soap leaves behind dirt attracting residues that speeds up the re-soiling process and when too much moisture is left behind, a breeding ground for nasty bacteria related problems arise!
Consider your normal day to day routine, if you want something clean – really clean, you simply pop it in your washing machine! There is no denying that the good old fashioned washing machine is still instrumental in providing a good, deep clean with an efficient rinse cycle! How many times have you wished you could pull down your curtains and stick them in the washing machine?? How many times have you wished you could stick your favorite rug in the machine for a good clean and rinse cycle?? How many times have you turned your back on that favorite thick shaggy rug in the lounge knowing that hiding in its pile is a magnitude of dust and dirt and organisms that you don’t want to even think about! The only place left in your home for it – IS IN THE BIN!

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